The “M” by PORTL

The world’s 1st tabletop holographic
communication and media device.
Introducing the PORTL M
A 3x CES 2022 Innovation Award honoree. Bringing communication to the next dimension.
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Use Cases

The PORTL M is your window in to the Metaverse. From telepresence to recorded content. Connected, real-time customer experiences await.

Modern aesthetic and captivating design features. The PORTL M is available in two beautiful finishes.

The future is now.

Dark Matter
Nimbus White
PORTL M Enterprise
Starting at $5K*
Starting at $2K*
* Target price subject to change.

The PORTL M is a portable, sleek display that offers all the amazing features of the Epic in a portable, tabletop form.

The PORTL M is PORTL Cloud-compatible and also capable of live streaming or displaying scheduled volumetric content.

The M provides easy accessibility for volumetric communications between businesses and everyday people.

Tech Specs

Technically magic.

Smart Camera
Mobile Control

Powered by PORTL Cloud

Personalize your streaming experience with live and pre-recorded interactive content.
Connect, film and stream content from a mobile device into your PORTL M.


Bring the magic of PORTL home.


PORTL reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to limit order quantity, refuse or cancel orders above the limit and cancel a preorder at any time for any reason. You will receive a deposit refund If PORTL cancels your order. If you decide to terminate your order, you may be liable for termination fees or other charges to PORTL. Making unauthorized modifications to the software on a PORTL M violates PORTL’s Software License Agreement and the inability to use the PORTL M due to unauthorized software modifications is not covered under warranty. Further, any such modification may render your PORTL M inoperable and void your warranty.

Please note that the final design, specifications and functionality of the PORTL M are subject to change.

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