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Roadie Case

Everything to film Portl content. Great for offices and studios where the economy of space is an issue.

Prosumer Kit

Roadie Case

Advanced camera, lighting, audio and audio equipment.

Professional Kit

Roadie Case

Our most professional imagery & content capture quality kit.

Roadie Case

Electric Roadie Case - Wood Crate Case

Travel Everywhere

Roadie CaseRoadie Case

The one-time use wood crate is padded all around, and the door(which doubles as the ramp) is screwed on to make sure you Portl arrives safely.

The multi-use electric Roadie is designed with the repeat use in mind. Plug in the power cable and press the up button on the side of the case.
The case lifts itself around 7” in the air to allow you to pop 4 wheels underneath the Portl Roadie Case.

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